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Gifts for Drummers

October 12, 2011

The drummer is the heart of the band. Without a solid drummer, the band is void of a strong foundation and we all know that anything without a strong foundation is not good. So here’s to those that play drums! They make us move and sway and most of all DANCE! – Celebrate the drummer in your life and buy them a beautiful gift for that next special occasion. Check out this drum sculpture from


Unique Outdoor Decor Gifts!

September 30, 2011

If uniqueness is what you strive for in outdoor decor then sit back and relax in this Wine Barrel Stave Folding Chair. This Wine Barrel Chair is crafted from 100% used white oak barrel staves. With this beautiful piece of furniture you can own a little piece of the Wine Country. Makes the perfect gift for wine lovers.   And if you really want to jazz things up a bit then your going to have to get this Wine Barrel Cooler to match your decor you just created!   Product of Sterling Success LLC.

Find more unique wine gifts and outdoor decor gifts at

SideKicks the Rollable Slipper

September 29, 2011

Look in any fashion magazine and you will see that these slippers are what’s hot now!  Sidekicks are the essential shoe for the girl on the go. Comfortable and convenient foldable flats that go where you go, and stow away in a stylish matching clutch. Simply roll them out for instant comfort, ease, and style!  Product of Abernook.

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Trendy new Pennybandz Wristbands

September 28, 2011

If you find it hard to keep up with all the latest trends then Giftys has you covered!  The new Pennybandz are sure to be the next craze among the youngsters.  The Pennybandz Wristbands come in Youth/Adult Small, Adult, and Adult Large sizes. Simply insert your pressed penny into the pliable, 100% surgical grade silicone (NOT LATIX) wristband or pendant; and it will hold it securely in place for you.  These unique wristbands are available  in cool colors like Ocean Turpuoise, Lava Orange,   Mac n’ Cheese and Pink Flamimgo.

Check out for more cool wristbands.

Buckyballs Magnetic Desk Toy

September 28, 2011

Stressed at work? Need a refresher or just a little break to clear your head! Then you are going to love the Buckyballs Magnetic Desk Toy.  The Buckyballs Sidekick is a 5x5x5 cube of Buckyballs, the perfect handful for mashing or molding.  125 Powerful Rare Earth Magnets = Unlimited Fun (for grown-ups)!  Release stress by creating cool looking figures or try making puzzles for other people to solve.  The sky is the limit with these bucky sidekicks!

Find more unique desk gifts at

Keep Warm and Coz-e!

September 22, 2011

Keep cozy this winter with this awesome COZ-E Heated Blanket with Sleeves.  Thanks to Coz-e’s self-heating, fleece design, you can read a book, answer the phone, use your TV remote, or type on your computer, all while staying toasty warm.  You can select four different levels of warmth to wrap yourself in the perfect temperature.   Great as a gift for someone special!

Find more fleece gifts at

Unique Phone Charging Stations

September 22, 2011

It’s cute, adorable and funny!  What else could you want out of a phone charging station!  This unique Garden Charging Station will be one of the most highly functional places in your house.  Keep your counters looking neat and tidy and add a little decor with this grass filled decorative container.   Available in black or white.  Product by Convenient Gadgets & Gifts.

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